Student Support Programs

Student Support Programs

Fostering young professional development is at the core of Meeting Professionals International’s mission. With over 18,500 members worldwide, MPI is the most influential professional organization for those in or seeking a career in the Hospitality industry.  

In accordance with this mission the South Florida MPI Chapter (MPISFL) offers the following Student Support Programs:

Chapter Event Student Scholarship - The Chapter Event Student Scholarship provides the opportunity for student members to get the most out of their collegiate experience. Qualified students will be provided an annual scholarship ($200), provided by a professional member, to attend the MPISFL educational programs. Through this scholarship students will be eligible to attend all chapter educational programs and one (1) chapter special event.  (Does not include regional or national conferences).

Internships - Professional members offer internship opportunities at their organizations for students who are looking to    fulfill a graduation requirement or just put their classroom skills to the test. Through this experience, upon graduation, SFMPI student members will be more qualified than their peer non-members when entering into the job market. Full time and part time internship opportunities are available in all aspects of the industry.

Mentors - Through a mentor, students will have the opportunity to better understand what it means to be a hospitality professional. Students can gain knowledge about the demands of hospitality profession by learning what are the day to day activities and obstacles that come up along the way. But most importantly a mentor will offer advice and guidance.  Mentors can: accompany students to chapter events; answer questions; instruct; coach; and help a student become a professional MPISFL member.  Mentoring can be done through email communication, phone conversations, and other face- to- face meetings.

Student programs are available to those SFMPI student members enrolled in a post-secondary academic program with emphasis in the meeting, hospitality, events, and tourism-related industries leading to qualification as a regular member. The student must be enrolled in either a certificate, undergraduate or graduate program unless the academic institution defines it otherwise.  

Please note MPISFL is selective and not all student applicants will be accepted. Students will be selected based on merit and involvement.  

As a student, you have the opportunity to join MPISFL and become part of the largest networking association in the Hospitality industry.

If you are a MPI MEMBER and would like to offer a Student Support Program, please click here to access the application.

If you are a STUDENT and would like to be considered for a Student Support Program, please click here to access the application.